You shouldn’t need to call upon the services of  professional negligence solicitors, should you? After all, when you use the services of a professional person you feel secure in the knowledge that they have trained and have specialist experience in the particular area you need. Not only that,  you assume that the advice and guidance they provide you is correct.

professional negligence solicitorsThankfully most of the time you are given the correct advice and you are protected but unfortunately this is not always the case. In some circumstances you can be given the wrong advice, which can result in very serious financial repercussions for you, whether personally or professionally. In fact, in some incidences you are not even aware that the wrong advice has been given until you are at the point of no return in a situation, which can make your life extremely difficult.

However, there is something you can do and you do not have to suffer the consequences of poor advice from a professional. You can seek compensation through their professional indemnity insurance and if you win, your legal costs will also be paid for.

What Types Of Professionals Could Be Negligent?

There are many different professionals who could offer you the wrong professional advice, such as:

  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Financial advisors
  • Doctors (although this is usually called clinical negligence)

Any of these people could provide you with advice which if incorrect, could have a serious impact on your life, not only financially but personally. Therefore if things have gone wrong for you, you should speak to us about the merit of making a claim for compensation, which will at least help to right some of the financial problems this may have caused you.

Some examples of professional negligence which could arise are a solicitor making a personal injury claim on your behalf, but not investigating your injuries with a medical expert properly which resulted in you not being properly compensated. Once a claim has been made, there is no opportunity to go back and seek further compensation from the original party, however you could recover the amount and further compensation for the stress and upset caused by the negligent solicitor.

Alternatively, if your Financial Advisor tells you to put your money into a certain investment scheme, which proves to be completely incorrect advice, you can take steps to recover the money you lost by making a professional negligence claim against them.

How Can VLCW Help?

We can offer you clear advice on whether you can make a professional negligence claim, however we do understand that you may be sceptical after your experience with other professionals. Our approach is plain speaking and clear and we aim to provide you with all of the options open to you so you can make an informed decision about how to move forward.

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