If your business becomes involved in a commercial dispute this can have a detrimental effect on you, your staff and your business. It is therefore crucial to resolve any dispute early on to avoid any adverse consequences. If you can’t, you’ll probably have to turn to commercial litigation solicitors like VLCW to help.

Commercial Litigation SolicitorsHowever it can be difficult to resolve a dispute particularly when your business reputation is at stake. There are ways you can resolve the dispute you are facing though, whilst also protecting your interests at the same time. Whatever dispute you are facing though, an early resolution is in the best interests of all parties.

There are so many opportunities in business for disputes to arise, such as with your customers over an order or perhaps a breach of contract or maybe with individuals connected to your business such as a partner or shareholder.

These types of dispute can be particularly disruptive to your business and result in your reputation being affected. You should do your best to resolve these kinds of problems early on and, by avoiding litigation, you should be able to keep your dispute under wraps and out of the public domain.

We can help to resolve disputes between:

  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Shareholders
  • Directors

In addition, we can help with debt collection and any issues or disputes with contractors working for you.

What Are My Options When I Am Involved In A Commercial Dispute?

There are a number of different ways of resolving a dispute. You will have already tried to find an amicable way to handle your dispute and to find a resolution so the likelihood is that when you walk through our door, things have escalated.

This means that you should consider options such as mediation, arbitration or even litigation. The first two of these options are pretty similar. They both involve an impartial, fully trained third party or parties who will listen to both side of the dispute and make a ruling on the outcome. The main differences between mediation and arbitration are that any decision made in arbitration is legally binding, but the same cannot be said in mediation.

In addition, both mediation and arbitration are all carried out behind closed doors, which has the added advantage of keeping the commercial dispute private between the parties involved.

If you do decide to go to court and litigate, the case is public and open to scrutiny by your competitors, customers and staff which may be damaging to your business.

Commercial Litigation Solicitors – How Can VLCW Help?

Our straightforward approach to the law means that you will be armed with all the facts you need to make the right decision for your business. This will allow you to act with clarity and focus on the important things.

There is no doubt that cost will be a factor in your decision. Therefore, we will identify the costs involved in each scenario for you and offer you practical advice about how to make the right decision.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to resolve your commercial dispute, please do get in touch.

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